Iced Herbal Tea: Quick Steep Method

When we think of iced tea, we often think of a classic: black tea over ice, with a squeeze of lemon and tablespoon (or two... or three!) of sugar. Another world of iced tea includes those in the "herbal tea" category. This includes tisanes and herbal blends, and ingredients such as flowers, herbs, spices, berries and fruits. Some of our favourite ingredients in herbal teas are the mints (peppermint, spearmint), herbal powerhouses like nettle leaf and raspberry leaf, and flowers like hibiscus, lavender and rose petals. These can be found in our herbal blends here.

Shanti Chai & Co's Happy Hibiscus Blend, an herbal blend of peppermint leaf, hibiscus flowers and rose hips. Delightful served hot or iced.

While herbal teas are delicious and soothing enjoyed hot (maybe with lots of honey, a good book and slippers!) they can also be delightful served over ice on a hot day. There are several methods for preparing any iced tea. For iced tea made with herbs and flowers, we recommend the Quick Steep Method. Herbs, berries, fruits and spices stand up well to boiling water (unlike, for example, green teas which are more delicate and do better with water that is lower than boiling temperature) and with a slightly longer-than-usual steep, their flavours usually come out just fine! Finally, with the Quick Steep Method you can go from loose herbal tea to cold iced tea in less than 10 minutes!

Herbal teas Happy Hibiscus Blend and "Mom's Garden" Blend steeping, using the Quick Steep Method, ready for iced tea.

To make 1 cup of Iced Herbal Tea:

    1. In a glass measuring cup, add 2 teaspoons of your favourite Shanti Chai & Co herbal tea and (optionally) 1-2 teaspoons honey or other sweetener.
    2. Add 1 cup boiling water and steep for 5-10 minutes
    3. Stir well and strain over ice in a tall glass.

(Tip: experiment with steep time, until you find your desired level of flavour!)

Shown above: Iced and ready to enjoy! "Mom's Garden" Blend, Happy Hibiscus and Nettle & Rose (left to right).

We recommend this iced tea recipe for our herbal blends Nettle & Rose, Happy Hibiscus, "Mom's Garden" and "New Momma" and for straight herbal teas Peppermint and Tulsi.

Happy Hibiscus tea, served over ice.

Happy Hibiscus Blend, brewed with the Quick Steep Method and served over ice! This one is our favourite colour... a bright pink-red!

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