About Shanti Chai & Co

The initial idea for Shanti Chai & Co occurred many years ago. I was missing real chai - sweetly spiced, aromatic, delicious cups of milky tea, as made by family friends in my childhood and as enjoyed during travels later on - and decided to blend some up and package it. Life was busy at the time, however, and it wasn't until years later that Shanti Chai & Co was officially born!
Our flagship product, Shanti Chai & Co’s “Original Chai Blend”, was created from many evenings with family and friends spent sampling various blends of earthy cinnamon, bright green cardamom pods, spicy peppercorns and other aromatic spices. Then, this spice blend (or masala) was paired with various Assam teas until we landed on a CTC-style version, which is robust and malty and allowed for a perfectly balanced cup of chai. We love brewing this blend with milk and sugar for a truly authentic, indulgent and delicious beverage. 
We offer a full line of specialty chai, herbal blends and teas. My mom is an avid herbalist and helps create our blends, bringing a wealth of knowledge of herbs and spices and their many health benefits to what we do. We use all organic ingredients and our mission is simple: to provide you with your perfect cup of chai. Or of tea, as the case may be. 
Much love, 
Shanti (& Co) 
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