Fireside Tea: A Winter Blend

Spiced Tea for a Winter's Eve

This spiced and fruity black-tea based blend was created after I asked my mum what ingredients she thought would make a perfect cup of tea for chilly nights. We brainstormed, blended, tasted and repeated. And this is what we finally created: Fireside Blend. Named by my sweetheart.

Fireside Blend combines earthy Assam tea with cinnamon and citrus (orange peel) and spice (ginger), and finally rounds itself out with fruity notes of rosehips and cranberries.

This is our favourite tea for chilly nights, perfect for when the summer turns into fall. We enjoy it almost daily right until springtime! Our favourite preparation is to pour 1 tablespoon over with boiling water, let sit 7+ minutes, and add 1-2 teaspoons of raw sugar and a generous splash of milk or... gulp... cream. Sometimes we even add a splash of bourbon or rum.

Now, get that fireplace lit and enjoy!


Fireside Blend: cinnamon, Assam tea, ginger, rosehips, cranberries and orange peel
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