Fresh green cardamom pods, delicious added to baking, curries, desserts and of course a key ingredient in traditional chai blends.
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Cardamom Pods

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Cardamom is by far one of our favourite spices on the planet. We use it in two of our chai blends - Original Chai Blend and Rose Petal Chai - as well as in our black tea blend, Cardamom & Rose Tea. We also love to use the pods in curries, rice puddings, baking and other desserts. Oh yes, and to  just chew on throughout the day - one of nature's natural, yummy and healthful breath fresheners!

Aromatic, earthy, fragrant and delicious, this spice is one of the world's top three expensive spices, behind only saffron and vanilla.

Ingredients: Organic cardamom pods (green, whole)

Available in two sizes:

15g (Pouch) - $6.75

35g (Tin) - $15.00

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