Specialty Chai 3-Pack
Specialty Chai 3-Pack
Shanti Chai & Co

Specialty Chai 3-Pack

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Introducing our three specialty chai blends: Golden Turmeric Chai, Candied Ginger Chai and Rose Petal Chai. Find your ritual and your perfect cup of chai with this adventurous, indulgent and delicious trio.

Golden Turmeric Chai: A sunset-hued chai blended with rich spices and delightful superfoods.

Ingredients: organic Assam tea, organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic cinnamon (Cassia), organic cloves, organic peppercorns, organic cacao

Candied Ginger Chai: A zesty chai blended with sweet and spicy ginger and fiery peppercorns.

Ingredients: organic Assam tea, organic ginger, organic candied ginger (organic ginger, organic cane sugar), organic peppercorns, organic star anise

Rose Petal Chai: A delicate and aromatic chai, reminiscent of late summer evenings in the garden.

Ingredients: organic Assam tea, organic cinnamon (Cassia), organic cacao, organic rose petals, organic cardamom pods, organic cardamom seeds



Specialty Chai 3-Pack includes 3 x 50g packages (12-18 servings each)


Brewing instructions included on all packages.

Tea cups not included.

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